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Pavilion Theatre is making efforts to reduce our impact on the environment.

In recent years, we have set out on our journey to become more environmentally conscious in how we operate our venue. Below is a growing list of some of the initiatives that we have already implemented.
We are also aiming to align our actions where possible with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. For more information about the SDGs, please click this link.

Box Office

We actively encourage all customers to download their tickets onto their smartphones if possible. We have introduced scanners to aid with the check in and monitoring of all tickets and to help with the transition to reducing the number of paper tickets we use.

We have two book swaps in our foyer, one for adults and one for children. We ask that customers bring their unused books to us so that we can offer them for free to other customers.
We send reminder emails to each customer that has provided us with their email address. If there is a free show programme to be shared, we include a link to this programme in the email in order to cut down on the number of programmes that need to be printed.
Inspired by other venues, we have reordered our Getting Here & Parking tab on the website. We now list the options to get here starting by arriving on foot, then by bicycle, public transport and finally how to drive here. (SDG Goal 9)


Through the display of reminder notices in our toilets, we ask our customers to be conscious about the amount of hand towels and soap that they use.
The urinals in the gents toilets are on timers and sensors in order to reduce the amount of water that we use. (SDG Goal 6)

Offices & Backstage

In our offices, we are committed to reducing the amount of print materials that we use. We aim to print double-sided where possible. We are engaging with visiting companies to our venue to reduce the number of posters and flyers we receive.
Where possible, we are switching to low-energy LED bulbs in our offices and backstage areas. (SDG Goal 7)

We have supplied waste and recycling bins to each of our offices and dressing rooms to enable our staff and visitors to recycle with ease.
We’ve updated our computers to allow us to have more digital meetings with our visiting companies.


Our bar is one area of the theatre where we have identified our greatest source of waste and with this in mind, we are continually updating our policies and procedures at the bar in order to be more environmentally conscious.
We have added signs on bar and on the bar bins for customers about how to dispose of their rubbish.
Our bar staff clean, dry and sort through our recyclable waste. This includes the rubbish left in the auditorium after a show, which our volunteer ushers collect post-show and give to the bar staff.
Our single-use coffee cups and lids are now compostable and these get added to Pavilion Theatre’s brown bin each week.
We have proudly joined the Conscious Cup Campaign, which aims to reduce the number of single-use coffee cups we use by encouraging people to bring their own reusable cups and providing them with a discount when they do. (SDG Goals 12, 13, 14, 15)
We have also joined with the Refill Ireland environmental project and offer free filtered water refills to customers who bring their own water bottles. (SDG Goals 6, 12)